Sandmarc, a company that is primarily known for its range of GoPro filters among other action camera accessories, is taking its know-how to the smartphone sector. It has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter in order to fund final development and mass production of a new smartphone polarizer and a range of ND filters.

The filters are attached to the phone via a clip holder as it is often used with add-on lenses. The actual filter ring is then screwed onto the holder. Filters are stackable and according to the makers compatible with iPhone 4 and newer, including the dual-camera iPhone 7 Plus. They also work with Android phones, such as the Samsung S8 and S7 models, the Google Pixel or the LG G6. However, looking at the design there is no obvious reason why the clip would not work with most other phones as well.

Sandmarc calls its polarizer Drama Filter. The kit includes a filter, clip mount and a filter case. The set of ND filters has been christened Scape Filters. Apart from clip and case it includes 2-stop, 3-stop and 4-stop ND-filters. A pledge of $25 currently secures you the Drama Filter. For the Scape Filters you'll have to invest $49. Delivery is planned for August 2017. More information including sample shots is available on the Sandmarc Kickstarter page.