Earlier this year, PolarPro stepped up its filter game and brought its expertise to the world of DSLR and mirrorless cameras with its QuartzLine filters.

As a follow-up to its latest filter lineup, PolarPro has launched a buyback program that will let you get a certain amount of credit towards a new filter if you return an old one - even if it's not theirs.

Here's how it works. For any 37mm or 46mm filter you send in, you'll be given a $20 credit towards a new PolarPro filter. For 67mm, 77mm and 82mm filter sizes, you'll be given $40 in PolarPro credit. You will receive one credit for each filter you send in. Once you've agreed to the PolarPro terms for the return, you'll be given a discount code to use with your PolarPro purchase.

This is the dialog box you'll see when asked to agree to the terms of the buyback program.

Once your purchase is made, PolarPro will send you an email with a prepaid label to send in your old filter(s). Simply package them up and ship them off within 14 days of receiving your new QuartzLine filter and you're good to go. You can even use the box they shipped you your new filter in. PolarPro notes that any filters sent in will be recycled or repurposed.

To find out more information and get started with your trade-in, head on over to PolarPro's buyback page.

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