Canon is developing a new imaging system called the Free Viewpoint Video System that may revolutionize the way sports and other events are broadcast. The system, as demonstrated in the video above, eliminates the restrictions of a single viewpoint by making it possible to view the action in an immersive multi-angle way.

Put another way, Canon says the system "gives the user a sense that they are really there."

The Free Viewpoint Video System utilizes existing imaging technologies that Canon has developed over the years. The company explains that stadiums utilizing this system will have multiple high-res cameras positioned around the arena; these cameras record the action simultaneously, while image processing technology rehashes that footage as high-resolution 3D spatial data.

The end result is an immersive video in which users are able to move a virtual camera within this rendered 3D space, providing a view of the action from various viewpoints and angles around the field. Among other things, Canon explains that viewers can "experience the simulated physical sensation of being among players on the field during a game."

The company plans to showcase the Free Viewpoint Video System via its booth at Inter BEE 2017 from November 15th through the 17th. Canon also plans to talk with athletes and sports teams about possible uses for its video system.