In September 2018, Zeiss announced the ZX1, a fixed-lens, full-frame camera that has onboard Adobe Lightroom CC integration. Yesterday, Zeiss shared a two minute video that gives the world its first hands-on look at the ZX1 and its onboard editing abilities.

Throughout the video, portrait photographer and photojournalist Sabrina Weniger walks around the streets of Little Tokyo in Düsseldorf narrating her experience with the ZX1 and the features she most enjoys about it. Unsurprisingly, she doesn't hit on the negatives.

In addition to her overall positive thoughts on the camera, Zeiss shares a glimpse of the camera itself, including the 35mm F2 lens and the massive 4.3-inch touchscreen display that's used to compose, view and edit photos using the onboard Lightroom. The video also details the onboard version of Lightroom CC in action, as she edits a portrait captured inside a small shop right on the rear display of the camera.

Nothing new is necessarily learned from the video, but it's the first time Zeiss has shown off the camera in action before its yet-to-be-determined launch date said to be in the first part of 2019.