500px will roll out a variety of new portfolio themes, including a new horizontal theme as shown above, beginning in May.

500px has redesigned its online photo portfolio feature, offering photographers more customization over the look of their site and advanced options for interacting with followers and customers.

The new portfolio UX is expected to roll out by May and will allow for store integration so visitors can purchase photos directly from a portfolio, and blog integration and even full CSS customization.

The changes are part of 500px's ongoing push to stay on top of the online photo sharing game, with Google+ and a slowly resurfacing Flickr offering significant competition. In recent months 500px have pushed out significant app updates to make 500px more mobile and promised the launch of "Infinite Pixels," a cloud-based service that will help you discover which of your images will prove most profitable.

500px has also announced increased storage limits for account holders: free account users will now be able to upload 20 photos per week, while "Plus" and "Awesome" users can now upload files as large as 100Mb per file and have unlimited storage.

Users will see a price increase along with the new offerings: Plus accounts jump slightly to $25 per year (up from $19.95) while Awesome accounts will be priced at $75 per year (up from $49.95). However, you can avoid the increase now by purchasing or renewing your account membership before May 1, 2013.