Instagram's new web profiles will look familiar to Facebook users, as seen in this example profile of Instagram user @cucinadigitale.

Instagram has announced that it's introducing web profiles that look an awful lot like Facebook, which purchased the famous photo-sharing app earlier this year for a final pricetag of $741 million. Users have previously only been able to view Instagram images through the app, or on the web via alternative sites like Ink361. Instagrammers still can't upload images from the web, but will be able to follow other users, comment and like photos and edit their profile online.

Users can find their new Instagram web profiles online at[username]. Some initial examples were provided on the Instagram blog: 

@mycookingdiary was one of the first example Instagram web profiles.
 @palomaparrot showcases how new Instagram web profiles will look.

Instagram reassured users that if they can't find their web profile yet, they will see it in the next few days as the changes roll out. 

We're excited to see our own web profile.