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Bag manufacturer Tamrac has introduced a pair of water resistant backpacks designed for 'hiking and outdoor' photographers. The two Hoodoo bags are made with waxed canvas and PU-coated nylon that’s intended to keep out the rain, and they come in a choice of Kiwi green, pumpkin orange and ocean blue.

There are two versions; the Hoodoo 18 and the Hoodoo 20. The 20 is the larger and comprises two separate compartments and a removable camera module that has its own strap for carrying over a shoulder. The camera module has room for a small DSLR with a few extra lenses, while the upper part of the bag can be used for clothes and features a slot for a 15in laptop.

The Hoodoo 18 is suitable for a DSLR and a pair of lenses, and again the camera module is removable. The camera’s Goblin pouch fits into the upper compartment, while the front of the bag is for other items and a 13in laptop.

The Hoodoo 18 costs $79.95/£89.99 and the Hoodoo 20 $129.95/£130. For more information see the Tamrac website.

Press release:

New Tamrac Hoodoo Backpacks

Designed for adventure, the new series of backpacks take you and your camera anywhere you want to go.

Made from water resistant waxed canvas and PU coated, lightweight ripstop nylon, Tamrac Hoodoo packs feature comfortable harnesses and high-grade components. Available in 2 sizes and three vibrant colours, the Hoodoo series is destined to be your go to camera bag for hiking and outdoor use.

The Hoodoo18 is designed for carrying compact DSLR cameras or mirrorless systems plus a lens or two. Tuck your camera and extra lens into a Tamrac Goblin pouch and then pop them in the Hoodoo 18’s upper padded compartment, your personal gear in the main compartment and up to a 13” laptop in the laptop sleeve and you are ready for the day’s adventure.

Larger than the 18 model, the Hoodoo 20 is actually 3 packs in one: a fully protective camera backpack, stand alone camera shoulder bag or stylish day pack.

As a camera backpack, the Hoodoo 20 has easy access through the front of the pack to grab your camera. The fully protective camera module carries compact DSLRs and mirror-less camera systems with extra lenses. The top portion of the bag carries personal items as well as most 15" laptops in it's own protective sleeve. Or take out the protective camera module and use as a shoulder bag with included shoulder strap. The included dividers are fully customizable to adapt to your camera gear.

Both models are available in 3 colours: Kiwi green, Pumpkin orange and Ocean blue.
Suggested retail prices as follows:

Tamrac Hoodoo 18 £89.99 inc VAT
Tamrac Hoodoo 20 £130.00 inc VAT

Both bags are available immediately.