The iOS version of Google's Snapseed mobile photo editing app just got an update with a major new benefit: full Raw support for 144 cameras and all DNG files. With the update, the app can now be used to edit Raw files from a lengthy list of advanced compacts and interchangeable lens cameras.

A full list of cameras included in the update is available at Google's Snapseed support website. The website also suggests supported workflows to get those Raw files onto your device, listing EyeFi MobiPro, Google Drive and Apple's Lightning to SD card reader or USB camera adapter as possibilities. Realistically, a Raw editing workflow will probably make most sense with an iPad Pro.

Version 2.9 also introduces a face tool with various pre-set options to apply different smoothing and brightening effects to detected faces in a photo. Also added is an option to specify the JPEG compression rate applied when exporting photos, and the ability to save a lossless PNG.

Original photo from front-facing camera of an iPhone SE.  'Subtle' face effect. Not usually a fan of 'beauty' settings on cameras, but I won't lie: I am fine with this.