Update (November 20, 2019): Since publishing this article, Chamberlain has addressed the world with a pair of social media posts relating to the incident. We have included them at the bottom of the article.

During today's college football game between the Georgia Bulldogs and Auburn Tigers, a photographer on the sideline was knocked unconscious when a Georgia wide receiver knocked her over as he ran out of bounds following a short pass play.

University of Georgia student photographer, Chamberlain Smith, was put in a neck brace and taken off the field on a stretcher following the hard collision.

According to reports, Smith was responsive on the stretcher and was able to move all of her extremities, but was taken to the hospital to be checked for an orbital fracture and to go through a concussion protocol. It’s since been confirmed that Smith was released from the hospital, but there are no details on the extent of her injuries.

Brian Herrien, the receiver who ran into Smith, was extremely concerned about her wellbeing and had to be told by officials to go to his sideline following the incident. After the game he shared the below tweet:

Gary Danielson, one of the college football analysts providing color commentary for the game, has taken heat across social media for chuckling at the photographer on the ground following the collision and subsequently making insensitive comments:

Football photography might not seem dangerous, but when you're looking through the viewfinder, you never know what can happen. Consider this a reminder to always be vigilant about your surroundings.

We would like to wish Smith the best in her recovery.

In addition to an initial response explaining she was out of the hospital and healthy, Chamberlain has also posted the below image on Twitter showing the last image she captured before getting hit:

Canon also seized the opportunity for a little good press and goodwill, telling Smith to contact them if any of her gear ended up getting harmed in the making of the shot: