Halide—the feature-rich third-party camera app for the iPhone—just released version 1.7 which adds support for the dual-camera setups of the iPhones 7 Plus, 8 Plus, and X, using the two lenses to "see" in three dimensions.

When shooting a photo, you can now apply a background-blurring portrait effect or darken the background, similar to Apple's 'Portrait Lighting' effect. But this isn't just Apple's portrait mode pasted into Halide, the app allegedly does it better:

In an App Store first, Halide’s Portrait mode uses a combination of smart facial detection and point-of-interest detection to allow Portrait mode with zero waiting; users can snap a shot at any time to get beautiful background blur effects on a subject.

Additionally, the app is capable of storing the actual depth map as a separate .png-file for later fine-tuning of the results in an image processor, and a new 'Augmented Reality Depth Photo Viewer allows you to "place Depth-Enabled captures like images shot with Portrait Mode in AR."

Once placed into 3D space, you can walk around and through the captured scene and 'explore' your depth map. It's gimmicky... but actually really cool:

Halide 1.7 is already available to purchase on iTunes for $3. To learn more about the app's new depth mapping feature set, head over to the Halide blog. And if you're curious about Halide in general, you can read our hands-on of the app's launch version here.