Breakthrough Photography has launched what it claims are the first-ever neutral density and graduated neutral density filters made with tempered glass. The new X4 GND, X4 ND Square, and Dark CPL filters are being funded through Kickstarter, where both 100mm and 150mm versions are detailed. According to Breakthrough, the X4 GND is the sharpest GND filter ever, while both the GND and ND filters are the 'world's most color neutral.'

Both the X4 GND and X4 ND filters are made with Schott B270 tempered glass which, says Breakthrough, results in 'an incredibly durable filter' that can withstand drops onto hard surfaces. Both sides of the tempered glass are refined with an MRC16 coating and a nanotec coating, the combination of which cuts down reflections and makes cleaning easier.

Joining the two X4 filters is the Dark CPL, a filter that combines X4 ND and X4 CPL filters. Breakthrough explains that while stacking these two filter types typically produces a vignetting effect at about 19mm with a full-frame sensor, the new Dark CPL version gets rid of that vignette down to 16mm on the same full-frame sensors. The company is offering Dark CPL for Fuji, Leica, Carl Zeiss, Canon, Sony, Nikon, and Schneider Xenon lenses, among others that weren't specified. 

Breakthrough plans for the Dark CPL 46mm - 86mm to retail at up to $199, the Dark CPL 95mm/105mm at up to $259, the X4 GND 100x150mm at up to $199, the X4 GND 150x170mm at up to $249, and the X4 ND Square at prices ranging from $149 to $219 depending on both density and size. The company is offering various discounts on these filters to those who back the Kickstarter campaign. Shipping to backers is estimated to start this upcoming August.

Via: CanonRumors