Kolari Vision, a company known for its camera modifications, has unveiled what it claims to be the first commercially-available service for modifying Canon EOS R5 cameras so they can record nearly double the 8K footage and dramatically decrease the wait time needed to recover when the camera does overheat.

The modification uses a custom heatsink that vents the thermal energy from the processor inside the camera to the camera’s magnesium frame via a ‘high-efficiency thermal pad,’ effectively turning the entire frame of the camera into an even more efficient heatsink. According to Kolari Vision, this particular design was chosen after thermal analysis determined the processor inside the EOS R5 was responsible for the overheating problems that can severely limit shooting times, especially with 8K and high-quality 4K recording.

At first, Kolari Vision used aluminum for its heatsink, but settled on copper after concluding it could more efficiently transfer heat. Despite requiring the camera to be opened up, Kolari Vision claims the alteration ‘maintains the weather sealing of the camera.’ Do note, however, these modifications will likely void the warranty of your camera. We’ve contacted Canon for confirmation of this though.

The above video showcases the effectiveness of the modification in various ambient environments while shooting in 8K-D IPB 30 frames per second (fps). As detailed in the below chart, the modification enables indefinite 8K recording at 15ºC (59ºF) and nearly doubles 8K recording limits at 20ºC (69ºF). As for recovery time after overheating in the 20ºC (69ºF) environment, Kolari Vision saw a five minute recovery give another 22 minutes of recording time with the mod, which is more than double the eight minutes seen with the stock EOS R5.

Currently, Kolari Vision is offering this modification as a service for $399.99, in limited quantities. Kolari Vision says turnaround time is ‘two weeks on average’ and all modified cameras will be covered by Kolari Vision’s warranties ‘for post-conversion malfunctions and electronic issues.’ A pre-modified EOS R5 can also be purchased for $4,440, while an ‘R5 Unlimited’ package, which comes with the heatsink mod and a removable UV/IR sensor clip filter, is available for $4,790 through Kolari Vision’s website.

Kolari Vision says it plans to offer a DIY package later this summer. This package, which hasn’t yet been priced, will include the custom heatsink and instructions on how to complete the modification for those confident in their DIY abilities.