On the first day of its annual Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple has announced new features for its Photos app on both iOS 10 and macOS ‘Sierra,’ scheduled for release this fall.

The updated Apple Photos apps will use 'advanced computer vision technology' to identify people, objects and scenes in order to allow for intelligent searching and automatic sorting based on content. Most notably, a new Memories feature will use this information to automatically create movies and shareable collections of photos based on data such as people, places and events such as a trip or holiday.

Additional features leveraging the new technology include a People album, which automatically groups photos based on who is in the shot, a Places album, which plots your photos on an interactive world map, and Intelligent Search, which allows searches based on the content of photos.

Although Google has provided similar features through its Google Photos service for some time, Apple’s offering includes one feature that may appeal to many users: instead of sending photos to the cloud for analysis, Apple will use on-device intelligence to analyze and categorize photos in order to protect user privacy.

For more information about the new Photos apps head on over to Apple's website.