LEE Filters has revealed its upcoming LEE85 Filter System designed for smaller cameras and lenses. The system features a Holder component with a locking dial for use with the related Adaptor Ring, which will be available in sizes from 37mm to 72mm, according to the company. The Holder is made from aluminum and works with the LEE85 ND Graduated and Standard filters and a clip-on Polariser.

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LEE Filters presents the new LEE85 Filter System as lightweight and ideal for photographers who use small cameras and who want a compact, easily deployed filter system. The Locking Ring makes it possible to lock the Holder at a specific angle or allow it to freely rotate, depending on shooting needs. As with the larger LEE100 system before it, the LEE85 Holder can be configured with 1 - 3 filter slots using modular guide blocks.

The compatible ND filters have been designed with large tabs on the top; these feature clear labels and make it easier to insert and remove the filters from the Holder without leaving fingerprints. The LEE85 Polarizer, meanwhile, clicks directly onto the Holder and can be rotated. The entire system, including the Polarizer and up to four filters, can be stored in the included System Pouch with strap and belt loop options.

The company will offer the LEE85 Filter System in multiple bundle options: Discover Kit, Develop Kit, Aspire Kit and Deluxe Kit. All four options include the 58mm, 67mm and 72mm adaptor rings, as well as the LEE85 Holder, System Pouch and 0.6 Medium ND Graduated filter. Depending on the kit selected, buyers will also get things like the 'Big Stopper,' the LEE85 Polarizer, a 0.9 Medium ND Graduated filter and a cleaning cloth.

Buyers who need adaptor rings in other sizes will be able to purchase them separately. It's unclear how much each LEE85 kit will cost at this time; the company says that its new filter system is due for release in the second quarter of this year.