Cambo has devised a new Canon EF/EF-S lens plate for its Actus view camera system that allows users to control aperture settings on Canon EOS lenses. The Cambo Actus system is designed to deliver a view camera style of shooting to some mirrorless camera bodies, consisting of a lens plate and a body plate with bellows and a monorail in between.

As EOS lenses have no manual aperture control, a plain mounting plate will only allow the lenses to be used at their widest aperture setting. The new ACB-CA plate however has electronic contacts that allow it to communicate with the lens, and a finger wheel so the photographer can dial in required aperture settings. An OLED display shows aperture values as well as the focal length in use, even when a zoom is mounted. 

The ACB-CA adapter will provide tilt, shift, swing, rise and fall movements between the front and rear standards with an EOS lens and a mirrorless camera mounted, though other lens systems allow movements with Nikon and Canon DSLR bodies. The Actus-DB system allows digital backs to be used.

The new ACB-CA plate for Canon EOS lenses costs £950 / $1299, while the Actus body costs £1400 / $1900. For more information visit the Cambo website.

Press release: 

NEW Cambo Actus Canon Auto Lens Mount

Cambo has released the NEW ACB-CA adapter for Canon EF lenses for use on the ACTUS mini view camera. The adapter has built-in electronic controls for setting and operating the aperture of Canon EF lenses.

Normally when a Canon auto iris lens is removed from the camera body the lens aperture is wide open. The ACB-CA communicates with the lens and enables the user to adjust the aperture, giving you full control.

This adapter has an internal battery for continuous use and features an OLED display which shows the preset or set aperture together with the focal length of the lens. The communication is accurate, such that the display will also show the focal length of zoom lenses.

The adapter accepts lenses fitted with Canon EOS bayonet, in combination with the ACTUS view camera. The ACB-CA adapter is finished in black to match the ACTUS-B camera version.

This ACB-CA lens adapter is designed to work with mirrorless* camera bodies, such as the Sony A7 series, Fujifilm X series and Canon M series. When mounted on the Actus the adapter will tilt and swing within the lens image circle that is being used. The rear rise/fall and left/right shift will operate as normal, again within the lens’s image circle.

*Mirrorless camera bodies have the imaging sensor further forward enabling the lens to focus at infinity or closer.

Check via the Cambo Configurator the compatibility between cameras, lenses and adapter when using the Cambo Actus.

The ACB-CA adapter is available now from stock £790.00 excluding VAT and shipment. For further information contact CamboUK on 07863 116150 or .