Lens manufacturer Viltrox has issued a statement warning customers that a number of its X-mount lenses can damage Fujifilm X-Pro3 camera bodies.

The statement, seen below, notes that ‘it would be better not [to] use [the] Viltrox 23mm, 33mm or 85mm X-mount lenses’ with Fujifilm X-Pro3 camera systems, as it can damage the camera ‘due to the structural conflict [wherein] they will scratch a little bit against each other.

This information is backed up by reports on this DPReview forum post from Pete Richardson that notes his Viltrox 85mm lens rubs up against the lens release button on the X-Pro3 camera body, causing ‘the slightest mark on the edge of the collar surrounding the release button.’ The reason this only affects X-Pro3 camera bodies is that the lens release button sticks out ever-so-slightly further than that on the X-Pro2, as illustrated in this screenshot from CameraSize.com by DPReview reader DarnGoodPhotos:

Note how the lens release button on the X-Pro3 sticks out marginally further than on the X-Pro2.

If that is the case, the damage would be mostly cosmetic, but it’s probably best to avoid using the lenses with the camera unless you don’t mind scratching up either item.