Samsung set the bar for fall phablets when it released its 13-megapixel, 5.7-inch Galaxy Note III earlier this month.

It's the most wonderful time of the year. Device manufacturers are about to make their big product pushes before the holiday shopping season. This means we are going to see the latest and greatest electronic gift items like MP3 players, laptops, and — for some reason — phablets. Nearly every major device manufacturer is expected to launch a large phone or small tablet in the coming months, if they haven't already. Let's take a look at what the rumor mill is predicting.

Nokia's Pureview Lumia 1520

Nokia's ever-growing line of Lumia smartphones is expected to get a little bigger. A 6-inch Lumia 1520 has been rumored for some time now, though neither Nokia nor Microsoft has confirmed the device. Leaked photos of the so-called Lumia 1520 have been surfacing on tech news sites for the past few weeks, one showing the alleged device's Pureview-labeled camera.

Reuters reported that the new Lumia was supposed to be announced this month, but the launch has been pushed back to October while Nokia waits to finish its deal with Microsoft

While the camera on this leaked photo is labeled "Pureview," we are not yet sure whether Nokia's rumored phablet will have a 41MP camera like the Lumia 1020 or something closer to the Lumia 920's 8.7MP camera.
This photo is allegedly of the HTC One Max, showing its rear-facing fingerprint scanner as the box under the "ultrapixel" camera.

HTC One Max with "Ultrapixels" and a fingerprint scanner

It's been a while since HTC tried to change the smartphone photography game with its "ultrapixel" campaign on the HTC One. Now, it seems to be gearing up to release a bigger version of its flagship device, the HTC One Max.

Leaked photos estimate the HTC One Max to measure in at around 5.9 inches, slightly bigger than the 5.7-inch Samsung Galaxy III. If the One Max comes to fruition, it will likely have the One Mini's 4-"ultrapixel" camera and if the leaked photos are any indication, we can expect a rear-facing fingerprint scanner as well.

Sony's Xperia Z Ultra is a whopping 6.4 inches long.

LG looking to match Sony's Xperia Z Ultra

When Sony released its massive 6.4-inch Xperia Z Ultra, one Connect commenter said it best: "At this rate, we are going to need three hands." Now, it seems that LG wants to join the giant phone party. 

According to rumors, LG's phablet would match Sony's Xperia Z Ultra in size but the 1080 x 1920 screen's pixel density would be 418ppi instead of Sony's 342ppi. (Apple's well-marketed "Retina Display" on the iPhone, for comparison, is 326ppi.) If LG wants to compete with the Xperia Z Ultra's camera specs, it will have to beat out the Ultra's 8MP camera.

This photo is believed to be the iPad Mini 2 in a "Space Grey." There is no indication yet that the next iPad Mini will come in any other color, but tech bloggers are panning for gold iPad Mini rumors.

iPad Mini 2 rumors fly

Well, it may not technically by a phablet, but the line between small tablet and large phone is so blurred these days, we'll include the iPad Mini rumors in this phablet round up. After the dust settles from its iPhone 5s and 5c launch, Apple is expected to hold another event to announce the rest of its fall hardware offerings.

At 7.9 inches, the iPad Mini is definitely still in tablet territory, but that hasn't saved it from the rumor hype usually reserved for smartphones. "Space Grey" shell photos have leaked, with some reports speculating that the latest version of Apple's tiny tablet will come with the fingerprint scanner Apple released on the iPhone 5s. While the iPad Mini and its big brother, the iPad, have proven to be good tools for editing both mobile and DSLR images, neither has featured a very good camera. Which, let's face it, is probably for the best.