Last week we wrote about Arsenal, an intelligent camera assistant currently looking for crowdfunding. Since then, the Kickstarter campaign has enjoyed huge success, with over $700,000 pledged and still plenty of time left to raise more funds. Arsenal's creator has issued an update announcing that as stretch goals have been met, additional camera support will be added for launch, along with live histogram and night focus features.

A new stretch goal for $1,000,000 has also been set. If that funding level is met, Arsenal's creators promise it will ship with remote video control and remote video playback.

Below are the cameras added for launch. The video above, posted recently, showcases Arsenal's time-lapse capabilities.

  • Sony a77
  • Sony a77ii
  • Sony a99
  • Sony a99ii
  • Nikon d500
  • Nikon D3000
  • Canon 760D