"Above the polar bear" by Florian Ledoux -- SkyPixel Photo Contest 2017 Grand Prize winner

Chinese drone-maker DJI and aerial photography website SkyPixel have announced the winners of the 2017 SkyPixel aerial photography contest, which was launched back in October. Winners span three categories—Landscape, Portrait, and Story—split between a "professional group" and "enthusiast group."

The Grand Prize this year went to "Above the polar bear" captured with a DJI Phantom 4 Pro drone by Arctic and wildlife photographer Florian Ledoux.

As the Grand Prize winner, Ledoux will receive an impressive collection of gear valued at more than $15,000 USD, including a DJI Inspire 2 with a Zenmuse X7 and lens, iPhone X 256GB, Nikon D850 DSLR camera body, and more. The contest also awards thousands of dollars' worth of gear to other contest winners.

A total of 18 other winning images were announced, three per group in both the professional and enthusiast categories. SkyPixel also revealed nine nominated images and 10 "Popular Prize" images. Overall, more than 40,000 people from 141 countries entered images in the contest.

You can check out all of the winners for yourself in the gallery and list below:

Landscape - Professional Group

1st Prize: Sun's Up, Nets Out by Zay Yar Lin
2nd Prize: Comet into Darkness by Drone Hikers
3rd Prize: Santa Maddalena village in front of the Geisler or Odle Yolo... by Valentin Valkov

Landscape - Enthusiast Group

1st Prize: Lobsters Farm by Trung
2nd Prize: GEOMETRY OF LIQUID GOLD by Javier del Cerro
3rd Prize: Raising Ducks by caokynhan

Portrait - Professional Group

1st Prize: Balmoral Ball by Petra Leary
2nd Prize: 飞瀑英雄 by 沈旻
3rd Prize: The Rebirth by andrea

Portrait - Enthusiast Group

1st Prize: Dancer by cocoanext
2nd Prize: Free Wheeling by nigelkwan
3rd Prize: 晒面忙 by 菜鸟视觉

Story - Professional Group

1st Prize: 大地之殇"——人造自然启示录 by 在那片更高的天空
2nd Prize: 金秋月柿飘香时 by 天涯
3rd Prize: 侠客行 by lalienware

Story - Enthusiast Group

1st Prize: 1茵莱河捕鱼表演 by 水庆华
2nd Prize: 《美丽盐田》组照 by 光和影
3rd Prize: The Long Ride by Jesper Guldbrand

Nominated Entries:

Landscape: The Path of Camels across the Sands by Abdullah Alnassar
Landscape: ELEMENTS by olivier...
Landscape: 抓住秋天的尾巴 by LENG_VISION
Portrait: FANCY FINISH by Martin Sanchez @ zekedrone
Portrait: Lost in by Marc Lamey
Portrait: Untitled by Bobo
Portrait: 足迹 by 煙雨斜陽
Story: Elemental by Max Foster
Story: 安昌古镇年货多 by 曾新民

Popular Prize - Top Ten

如果一生只拍一张照片 by 川味烤地瓜
婆罗莫火山 by 7555486
共享单车堆积如山 俯瞰好似“地图” by 陈紫翔
指向光明塔 Pointing to the light tower by henter liu
碧羹白匙 by Anter
曙光 by 深蓝大魔王
广东最大的客家围龙屋土楼--花萼楼 by 天空之城上帝之眼
Plane in the Forest by mark calayag
white wonderland by Eberhard Ehmke
Barcelona by David