Software manufacturer Adobe is rolling out new logos and icons for many of its applications in a bid to make them easier to identify and to make their appearance more uniform across all the platforms on which they are used. The changes are slight in the main, and may not be noticeable unless you go looking, but the company hopes they will help users find the applications they are looking for.

The most dramatic change will be the Creative Cloud logo which will switch from its current red and white design to a white emblem on a rainbow background. The two-letter initials on the Photoshop and Lightroom logos will remain, but the pale text will become darker and the borders will be removed. Getting rid of the colored borders and making all the corners rounded will ensure the logos look the same wherever they are used. The forthcoming Photoshop Camera application will use three letters, adding an uppercase C to the Ps of the Photoshop logo.

The Adobe logo will also get a make-over that includes a slight shift in the tone of red used to make it a little warmer and more ‘contemporary,’ according to the company. Adobe dives further into the branding changes on its Adobe Blog.