We've seen belt-mounted lens-holders before, but the TriLens from Swedish startup Frii Designs takes things to a new level. This holder lets you attach three lenses to a belt-worn device that is made of steel and fiber-reinforced nylon and can carry up to 100kg weight. 

“There’s nothing worse than coming home from a photo shoot and realize that you’ve missed irreplaceable moments because you struggled with changing lenses, or that you simply were too lazy to go through the process,” Frii Designs founder Jonas Lundin says. 

TriLens arranges three lens mounts on a triangle that rotates around its center. This way the heaviest of the attached lenses always points downwards and one open lens mount will be easily accessible at the top. In addition, the system comes with built-in stabilization to keep things less bumpy when walking or even running. The rotational friction of the system is automatically adjusted based on the weight of the attached lenses. 

TriLens is compatible with Canon, Nikon, and Sony-mount lenses and included in the package is a set of magnets that let you attach your lens caps to an open mount when the corresponding lens is in use. 

Frii Designs is planning to fund initial production through crowdfunding and will launch its Kickstarter campaign for the TriLens on May 9. The company's goal is to secure around 600 pre-orders to get production going. Photographers  who think the TriLens could make their work day easier can sign up on the Frii Design website to register interest and for pricing information. You'll also be notified about the campaign launch. If everything goes to plan, shipping is planned to start in October this year.