ExoLens has announced the launch of its new ExoLens Case for iPhone 7, a case designed to protect the phone while also supporting the company's ExoLens PRO with Optics by Zeiss accessory lenses. The case is made from clear impact-resistant materials that, says the company, offer 'high-end aesthetics' while keeping a low profile. The case can be used with and without the Zeiss PRO lenses.

ExoLens PRO owners are able to switch between the line's various lenses without removing the case, the latter of which is described as 'ultra durable' with soft Black TPU material along the outer edges. ExoLens has launched the case for the iPhone 7 ($49.95 USD) on its website and through select global retailers, and will launch a version for the iPhone 7 Plus model later on in 2017.

Via: ExoLens