Flickr's new interface combined with Instagram's TOS drama encouraged many mobile photographers to make the switch back to Yahoo's photo service.

Yahoo’s investment in a new Flickr user interface combined with the great Instagram exodus of 2012 caused the photo sharing app’s iOS usage to increase by 25%. This latest revelation comes after news of Yahoo’s first year-over-year revenue growth in four years.  While analysts are hesitant to call it a comeback for Yahoo, more mobile photographers now consider Flickr to be a viable alternative to avoid an Instagram rights-grab. 

The new Dropbox interface will display a preview of images. (Photo: All Things D)

After finding new competition from Amazon, Dropbox is reevaluating its place as a file sharing application. According to All Things D, the online service app is considering expanding its content-based sharing. The whole Dropbox interface will see a shift from file-based viewing to image previews. The new features will include quick previews for PDFs, and better integration with Facebook, Twitter and email sharing.

A second click now opens photos within your Twitter window instead of opening a new tab.

Twitter’s photo-viewing feature is about to see a face lift as well. The social network’s blog announced the change yesterday that double-clicked photos viewed on a browser will now be displayed in a large window from within the page.  Previously, images were opened in a new window to be seen in a larger size.