Have you ever wanted to see your photographs on the wall of an art gallery? Come on - be honest. Your cat pictures deserve a wider audience, and the makers of new app 'Instamuseum' agree. 

Instamuseum converts any Instagram account into a 3D virtual reality experience, placing images (up to 90) from the feed on the walls of a computer-generated gallery space. There are four templates available (including 'Louvre') and the rendered space can be explored using VR goggles or using a more conventional pan / zoom interface in a desktop browser.

Instamuseum for @dpreview by barney.britton on Sketchfab

Coming in the same week as the actual Louvre gallery in Paris (into which we've placed DPReview's Instagram feed, above) was evacuated due to historic flooding, we can't help wondering if this is just another sign of the end times. Let us know what you think in the comments.