Wood Cam is one of our favorite new iPhone apps.

iPhone photographers have plenty of apps to choose from in the Apple arsenal: the App Store has more than 7,500 photo apps that do everything from basic exposure compensation to cartoonification of compositions. Though my favorites are always chaging, these are the five photography apps that I've currently moved to my home screen for quick access.

1. Camera +; $0.99

No iOS app round up is complete without a mention of Camera +. Last year, Apple named the photo capture and editing app the #10 most popular paid app in App Store’s history. The app allows for separate focal and exposure points during image capture, and features several different customizable photo filters.

Users can adjust the intensity of individual filters in Camera+.

2. Pixlr-o-matic; Free (also available for Android)

Joining longtime favorites Photo Editor by Aviary and Snapseed, Pixlr-o-matic is one of the best free photo editor options in the App Store. Most of the free photo apps in iOS are social networking-oriented, ad-laden or one-trick ponies. With a price you can't beat, Pixlr-o-matic has many options to filter, texture and edit your smartphone photos.

Pixlr-o-matic has plenty of effects to combine for a unique look.

3. Hipstamatic; $1.99

I know we’ve said it a million times, but Hipstamatic is the overwhelming preferred app for many of our favorite iPhone photographers. Hipstamatic works by first allowing the photographer to choose their film, flash and lens before the shot is taken. The resulting filter effect is all automated, yet out of the photographer’s hands — making the process feel more analog than other apps. Additional HipstaPaks make for nearly endless possibilities. 

Many iPhone photographers swear by Hipstamatic's pre-decided processing. 

4. Wood Camera; $1.99

Newcomer Wood Camera has taken the App Store by storm, quickly becoming the top grossing photo app. The purpose of Wood Camera is nothing new — it takes photos and adds vintage filters and blurring effect — but the images it produces are fresh and new, providing a welcome change from the same old Insta-filters.

The new app on the block, Wood Camera, puts a fresh spin on the mobile photography filter craze.

5. Photoshop Touch, $4.99

One of the pricer photo editors in the iOS App store, Photoshop Touch is worth every penny. With dozens of tools familiar to Photoshop users—layers, advanced selections tools and precise adjustment capabilities—Photoshop Touch is like a mini version of the desktop software. Its features are easy to navigate with just your fingers, but it has far more potential than most mobile photo editors.

Photoshop Touch has features that will make a desktop Photoshop user feel right at home: brushes, clone stamp and magic wand to name a few.

Let's hear from you: Do you agree with our current top five photo apps for the iPhoneographer? Let us know what else you like using.