MS Optics Vario Prasma 50mm F1.5 lens

MS Optics, the niche lens manufacturer based in Japan, has released two new lenses for Leica M-mount cameras: the Vario Prasma 50mm F1.5 and the ISM 50mm F1.0. The new Vario Prasma lens is described as 'a modern interpretation' of the Kino-Plasmat, whereas the ISM 50mm F1.0 is an ultra-fast lens that's also exceedingly small and light.

The MS Optics Vario Prasma 50mm F1.5 lens is based on the Plasmat lenses designed in 1918 by Paul Rudolph. In what is referred to as a modern interpretation, Miyazaki san's rendition includes 'unique improvements,' including improved focus dampening, separate aperture, and the inclusion of an adjustable spherical aberration ring.

Below are a few sample images captured with the MS Optics Vario Prasma 50mm F1.5 lens:

The lens features 6 elements in 4 groups, 0.8m to infinity focus, multi-coating on all surfaces, a 52mm focal length, and both Silver Chrome and Black Chrome finishes. According to Japan Camera Hunter, the lenses are currently in production with anticipated shipping in 'weeks.' The model can be pre-ordered now for $1,200 USD.

MS Optics ISM 50mm F1.0 lens

'Miyazaki wanted to challenge himself to make an ultra fast lens in the same range as the greats such as the Noct, Xenon and Angenieux,' Japan Camera Hunter explains. The result is the new ISM 50mm F1.0 lens for Leica M-mount, the creator's fastest lens to date.

The ISM 50mm F1.0 lens is small and lightweight with a length of 40mm, diameter of 50mm, and a 178g (6.2oz) weight. The lens features 7 elements in 5 groups, 16 rounded aperture blades, 55mm filter size, and a reversible hood with an O-ring for storage.

Below are a few sample images captured with the ISM 50mm F1.0 lens:

In describing the lens' performance, JCH explains:

At full aperture there is a drop in contrast due to flare, but resolution is high. At f1.25 flare in the center goes away, and at f1.4 contrast out to midframe increases dramatically. At f2-f2.8 coma flare quickly decreases, and apart from the corners you can expect high imaging performance with sufficient contrast. While spherical aberration of 0.15 is a bit high, the S-M astigmatic planes line up perfectly resulting in very good image quality. From f4 onward both contrast and sharpness need no excuses.

The MS Optics ISM 50mm F1.0 M-mount lens can be ordered in Black Chrome and Silver Chrome for $1,700 USD.