Huawei has announced the latest model in its range of smartphones, the Nova 4. It's the brand's first device with a "hole-punch" front camera, that is mostly hidden behind the display and does away with the display "notch" found on many other high-end phones.

The Nova 4 isn't the first phone with a "hole-punch" camera - that honor goes to the Samsung A8s - but it looks like its 25Mp front camera is peeking through a smaller-diameter hole than the Samsung's, minimizing the "display disruption".

Huawei sub-brand Honor has also already pre-announced its VIew 20 phone which seems to have a lot in common with the Nova 4. For starters, there's the same "hole-punch" design and the two devices also share the same 48MP primary cameras on the rear.

The Nova 4 comes with a triple-cam setup, however, including a 2MP depth-sensor, while the main camera setup of the View 20 is still unknown. In terms of chipset the phones are going down different paths, though. The Nova 4 is powered by last year's Kirin 970 processor; the View 20 phone will use the newer Kirin 980.

The Nova 4 display measures 6.4 inches and comes with a 2310 x 1080 resolution. 8GB of RAM are plenty and 128 of built-in storage offer space for a good number of images and video.

For now the Nova 4 has only been released in China where it will cost approximately $490 (3,399 yuan) but, like previous Nova models the phone will likely make it to other regions soon. If you don't want to spend quite as much, there is also a cheaper variant ($450) that replaces the 48MP primary shooter with a more modest 20MP unit.