Skylum is teasing some of the new features that will be available in version 4 of its Luminar image editing application ahead of the launch. We've already seen the AI-powered sky replacement filter. Now the company is giving us a peek at its AI Structure tool.

AI Structure uses Luminar's content-aware technology, adding detail and enhancing textures in images only where it makes sense.

“We’re really excited to see Luminar 4 develop more as we approach our fall launch date,” said Alex Tsepko, CEO of Skylum. “With the new AI Structure tool, we know photographers will love the control and content-aware technologies that let them enhance their photos like never before.”

The feature uses machine learning to determine which elements of an image could benefit from additional structure and boosts details and local contrast only in those areas, rather than the entire image. For example, in a portrait shot a photographer might want improved texture on the subject's clothing or accessories, but not on the skin.

Previously you'd have had to use masking techniques to achieve this kind of result. In addition there was also a risk of increasing haloing and noise in some areas of the image. Luminar says, AI Structure will automatize the process without adding any kind of unwanted artifacts.

To achieve this, the function identifies image elements, like people and their faces, skin, sky, buildings and more and applies structure selectively, instead of globally across the photograph. According to Luminar this removes the need to use manual settings for Structure, Clarity and Microstructure in most cases. Luminar 4 is scheduled for release later this year. Pre-orders are now available on