Cinemartin has announced the launch of Fran LT, Fran (STD), and Fran Plus, three new 8K camera models offered at introductory prices until December 31, 2019. The company also plans to start shipping a new line of ultra-high brightness 2500 nit 7" HDMI+SDI monitors by the end of the month.

The Fran LT is the lineup's introductory model, featuring a 24MP sensor, maximum 7920 x 3024 resolution, and aluminum chassis. The mid-tier Fran (STD) is more advanced with a 32MP sensor, maximum 7920 x 4096 resolution, and mixed aluminum and carbon fiber chassis. The line's most advanced model, the Fran Plus, has a 47.7MP sensor, maximum 7920 x 6024 resolution, and fully carbon fiber body.

All three models feature an 8K global shutter with support for shooting raw, though only the two higher-end models support both compressed and uncompressed raw. The Fran (STD) and Fran Plus both support 8K/30p maximum frame rates, while the Fran LT maxes out at 8K/24p. Unlike the Fran LT model, the Fran (STD) and Fran Plus feature a removable lens mount, PL mount, Thunderbolt 3, stabilization, and modular design. All three support removable m.2 NVME SSD drives.

The Fran Plus is the only model of the three that is programmable, which according to Cinemartin, means users can utilize OpenCV-based code for new features. One provided example is using a plugin to identify an on-screen car's shape and color in order to automatically present the driver's name on the display. The company includes sample code with the camera.

Cinemartin is offering the three new models at discounted introductory prices until December 31 or when inventory runs out, whichever happens first. Buyers can order the camera through the Fran 8K website or via Cinemartin's authorized resellers. An initial deposit must be paid to reserve the cameras, which will be available in two to four months depending on model.

  • Fran LT: €10,995 regular, €7,920 introductory
  • Fran (STD): €17,790 regular, €15,995 introductory
  • Fran Plus: €25,670 regular, €19,995 introductory