UK lighting manufacturer Bowens has announced an update to its Limelite Mosaic LED panels that it claims is 'significantly more colour accurate than previous models.' The Mosaic2 panels boast a CRI and TLCI of 94 while the original models managed only 84, but the Mosaic2 panels are less powerful at 4000Lux@1m instead of up to 5200Lux@1m.

The new panels come in Daylight and BiColour versions with the BiColour model offering temperatures of between 3000-5600K. The lights are dimmable from full power to 0% and Bowens says their cool running temperature makes them suitable for a wide range of applications including shooting food. Both panels can be controlled remotely via an external DMX (Digital Multiplex) mixer which allows multiple panels to be controlled at the same time.

The daylight version will cost $834/£654 and the BiColour will be $1000/£835. For more information visit the Bowens website.

Press release:

Bowens launches groundbreaking Mosaic2 LED panels

Limelite by Bowens has announced the launch of groundbreaking Mosaic2 LED panels - with ultra-high CRI 94/TLCI 94 light output.

Available in Daylight (5600K) and BiColour (3000K-5000K) options, Mosaic2 uses 576 cutting edge high fidelity LEDs, dimmable from 100-0%, to create 1x1 panels that are extremely powerful and significantly more colour accurate than previous models.

Alan Walmsley, Bowens sales and marketing director said: “Mosaic2 is a powerful addition to our comprehensive portfolio of light tools. These new units, which target the full gamut of photo and video enthusiasts as well as working professionals, embrace the rugged build-quality synonymous with all Limelite products. They are quick to set up and easy to use. This is a truly multi-purpose lighting solution providing feature rich LED panels suitable for small or large studios.”

He added: “These metal-bodied panels, which weigh in at just 1.4kg, create high levels of soft, flattering light that can be further shaped and controlled with our comprehensive range of accessories.

They are also an ideal choice for photographers working with babies, small children and animals who might be startled by flash lighting. And users shooting heat sensitive subjects such as food will benefit from Mosaic2’s cool-running operation.”

The new panels, which will have an RRP of £654 (Daylight model) and £835 (Bi-Colour model), are also designed for video and broadcast work both in studio and on location (with optional battery mounting accessories)

Tim Haskell, Limelite business development manager said: “Mosaic2 1x1 LED panels are used by leading broadcasters and global news gathering operations. Mosasic2 can be controlled remotely via an external DMX mixer and multiple panels can easily be linked and used as a single panel.”

Mosaic2 key features:
*Outstanding colour fidelity
*Ultra-bright LEDs (up to 4000Lux@1m)
* Exceptional build quality
*Fully dimmable and user programmable
*Pre-mounted AC adaptor and international cable kit (use anywhere in the world)
*Wide range of light control, mounting and battery power accessories

Pembrokeshire-based photographer and Panasonic GH camera ambassador Ross Grieve added: “I trialled the new Mosaic2 lights and they are superb. They are now my go-to panels for events and training programmed. I also use them as reflectors when I need more bounce. These panels are child’s play to use and with full control over colour temperature and brightness I have all the power and control I need.”