Tripod manufacturer Really Right Stuff has released updates to its entire product line. The company, which recently moved its operations from California to Utah, has revamped all 17 of its tripods, with improved components and features from top to bottom.

Like all of its previous tripods, each Really Right Stuff tripod is hand-assembled in the United States. The 'Mark 2' versions include both ergonomic and feature changes compared to the original versions.

One of the most notable changes is the addition of multiple 1/4"-20 sockets around the base of the tripod. These additional sockets provide more options for attaching accessories, such as Really Right Stuff's phone mount and optional carry strap.

Speaking of attaching stuff to the tripod, Really Right Stuff has also added a weight hook to the underside of all 17 tripods. This not only gives you a convenient place to store your bag, but also acts as a ballast to keep your frames steady in windy environments.

The legs of the tripods now have sealed twist locks for extending and retracting the legs during use. Really right Stuff says 'the new sealed twist lock minimizes the amount of contaminants, such as sand and grit, that gets caught inside the twist locks.'

Computer rendering showing the internal structure of Really Right Stuff's new sealed twist lock.

Also, opening and closing of the legs should take less effort due to an added vented clevis. Really Right Stuff notes that the added air vents 'prevent pressure gradients from building up, allowing smoother leg extraction and collapse.' To show just how much thought went into what seems like such a small detail, Really Right Stuff explains how the 'inward-facing vents also ensure air flow is directed towards the center of the tripod and away from mounted lens elements.'

The new tripods are also designed with interchangeable feet, which can be swapped out to one of the three options Really Right Stuff offers.

Lastly, the Mark 2 version of the tripods now feature an updated Sure Grip that uses the same hex screws as Really Right Stuff's L-plates. So, if you're shooting with a lot of Really Right Stuff gear, you'll now only need to carry around a single tool.

To view more information on the second-generation tripods, head on over to Really Right Stuff's announcement page. B&H is now taking pre-orders for the Mark 2 tripods, which start at $500.