Medium format manufacturer Hasselblad has released details of a concept camera based on the legacy V film system that features a 75MP square image and allows users to customize its layout with a series of modular accessories. The Hasselblad V1D is part of the company’s 75-year ‘4116’ (1941-2016) celebrations and intends to reflect both the past and the present.

The style of the body has clear references to the square V system but it offers a new design that allows the LCD panels, knobs, dials and handles to be arranged on the body to suit the occasion or the photographer’s working preferences. The V1D is shown with a waist-level finder option, a prism and with the LCD exposed on the top plate. The viewing panel can also be placed on the camera’s rear, with a second screen on the top plate if required, and the wind-on knob can be fitted to the left or the right of the body. There is an optional grip too, that features its own shutter release and which appears to be mountable on either side of the camera to suit left- and right-handed photographers.

Ironically the only part of the camera that doesn’t appear to be interchangeable is the back, as the sensor seems to be built-in to the body.

Despite being called the V1D the camera is shown mounted with an XCD 45mm F3.5 lens from the X1D mirrorless system, though it is possible that an adapter will be released to allow V system lenses to be used as they can be on the H system. Presumably, H lenses would fit via the existing adapter for the X1D.

The company stresses that this is still a concept at the moment, and no pricing has been announced should the camera become a reality.

For more information see the Hasselblad website.

Press release

V1D 4116 Concept - an innovative concept study – back to square with Hasselblad

What happens when you combine the fundamental principles behind the classic Hasselblad cameras with cutting edge technology, modern production methods and contemporary design? The V1D 4116 Concept is a study created to explore the Hasselblad heritage to find new ways of designing innovative cameras for the future. Hasselblad’s engineers and designers came up with a modular concept with a square format (75MP) inspired by the classic Hasselblad V Camera.

One of the fundamental principles behind the design of the V1D is the modular approach. Hasselblad has created a uniquely flexible platform for photographers to set up the camera to suit their specific needs.

The camera body is more or less a black box, carefully machined out of a solid block of aluminium, carrying fixings for modules on 4 sides. The top and the back surface can carry modules that cover the entire surface such as displays, viewfinders and holders for accessories. The left and right hand surfaces have round fixings for controls and grips. The photographer can choose where to place the display – or if needed it is possible to have two displays. Users can have a viewfinder on the top and a display at the back. The camera can be used with the robust, but generic grip or held like a classic V Camera to reach the exposure button in the front.

With the V1D being completely modular, left-handed photographers can also configure the camera perfectly for their needs, with the rotary dial controls for aperture and shutter speed placed on either the left or right hand side. All in all, there are many ways to personalise the V1D. The proportions of the body have been carefully developed to find the perfect blend between a modern product expression and the classic Hasselblad silhouette.