Underwater housing manufacturer Nauticam hasn’t taken long to create a new unit designed for owners of Nikon’s new full frame mirrorless cameras. The Nauticam NA-Z7 can accommodate either the Z7 or Z6, and enables users to take them down to 100m/330ft beneath the waves.

The housing accepts cameras mounted with the new Z lenses, but as most users will have a collection of F mount lenses these can also be used via the FTZ adapter. Two lens release buttons have been incorporated into the design so both kinds of lens can be switched without the camera needing to be removed from the housing. If you want to take the adapter off, or indeed fit it, the camera will need to be removed.

While the button layout of the new Z cameras is somewhat different to that of models like the D850, Nauticam has worked hard to ensure users of this new housing won’t struggle to adapt. The company has managed to keep the main controls in the same locations on the housing even though the buttons they give access to have moved. For example, the magnify controls have been kept on the right of the housing, where users of the N120 series housings would expect to find them, despite the fact that the actual buttons on the camera are now on the right of the LCD.

The Nauticam NA-Z7 is available now and costs $3450. For more information visit the Nauticam website.