10 years later, photography is a much bigger part of the iPhone's DNA than anyone could have predicted.

Ten years ago today, Steve Jobs stood up on stage and delivered what might be the most consequential keynote of his career: he introduced the world to the iPhone. Today, we want you to tell us how it has revolutionized, reorganized, and restructured the world of digital photography.

As Jobs put it on stage, repeating the line over and over again to a crowd of excitable tech journalists, the iPhone was three things: "an iPod, a phone, and an internet communicator." But if Jobs could somehow come back to life and re-do that moment today, he would probably add 'camera' to that list.

Sure, that original 1st generation iPhone only boasted a measly 2MP camera that was laughable even by 2007 standards. But the impact that this camera—and the one after that... and the one after that... and the 6 after that—had on our industry is hard to fathom.

The point and shoot camera has all but gone extinct, camera giants are struggling to appeal to a new crop of 'photographers' who value convenience and connectivity above all else, and each day the line between 'professional photography' and 'smartphone photography' gets a bit blurrier—if it hasn't already disappeared entirely.

The 1st generation iPhone looked a lot different than today's iPhone 7

But we're not interested in the big picture stuff—there are tens, hundreds, maybe thousands of articles about how the iPhone changed photography for better and for worse. We want a more personal perspective. We want to hear from you.

From a photography perspective, how has the iPhone impacted your life? Do you use your main camera less often, or not at all? Is the ability to connect your camera to your phone and post pictures instantly a must-have? Do you even remember the last point-and-shoot camera you owned, and when you last turned it on?

On a day marked by hundreds of tech op-eds, quirky origin stories, and enough 'looking back' videos to keep you busy for days, we want to compile a more personal picture of the iPhone and how it has impacted the world of digital photography. Share your story with the community in the comments, or drop us a line directly at dpreview.com/feedback.

And in the meantime, we'll content ourselves with wishing the iPhone a happy 10th birthday... and we're only being, like, 21% passive aggressive when we say that.