California company Rock Bar has introduced a much tidier solution to weighing down tripods and light stands with a new weight case that straps securely to legs and center columns to provide extra stability.

The Rock Bar system comprises a nylon zip-up tube that comes filled with seven pounds of recycled steel and which uses straps at either end of its body to attach to legs without swaying in windy conditions.

The number of weights in the body can be adjusted by the user depending on the conditions and the equipment being supported, and the slim-line pouch is designed not to get in the way or to catch the wind itself. Rock Bar is aimed at tripod users, and those hanging lights on high stands and boom arms, and is intended to replace sandbags and other types of hanging ballast.

The case measures 31.75x6.35x6.98cm (12.5x2.5x2.75in) and costs $45. For more information see the Rock Bar website.