While the above camera looks just like a regular Canon EOS R5 mirrorless camera, you’d be in for quite the surprise if you tried to use it. That’s because hidden within the nearly perfect replica is a transformer toy the turns from a mirrorless camera into a robot with a little articulation.

Canon has teamed up with Takara Tomy, the Japanese company behind the Transformers toys, to release Canon EOS R5 replicas that turn into either Optimus Prime or a Decepticon. These replica cameras are 80% the size of their working counterparts, but feature a removable lens and lens cap, the latter of which gets turned into a shield for the Transformers.

The Optimus Prime model even has a miniature EOS R5 model that it can hold in its hands. The Decepticon model, however, gets stuck with a no-name grey camera that looks more like a traditional 35mm film camera. Both models are available to purchase from Takara Tomy’s online shop for 19,800 yen (~$150), but it appears shipping is limited to Japan addresses.