Historic tripod manufacturer Gitzo is taking a beating in the comments section of its Indiegogo campaign page for the Légende tripod over a lack of communication with its customers regarding delays to deliveries. Gitzo cites an issue with packaging being the problem, and has recently revised its expected shipping date to September 2021 – it was originally supposed to arrive in May when announced in March this year.

A comment from the Légende campaign page

Customers are not angry so much about the issue with the product, but about an alleged lack of response to questions posted to the email address the company has provided for the purpose of getting in touch. Those who have had a response complain that the reply was a stock passage of text that doesn’t answer their questions. One customer asked for a refund but received the same reply as those asking about delivery dates:

Thank you for contacting us regarding our Gitzo Légende Tripod.
We are very sorry for the shipping delay and any issues this may have caused.
We are working to find a fast and favorable resolution to this issue.
Please allow us some time to look into a resolution for you.’

The sample Petapixel received for review showed the same damage reported by other users who had received their tripods

The problem seems to be that the packaging of some of the tripods already shipped has allowed, or caused, damage to the locking knob and body of the head, and in some cases scratches on the legs. Gitzo has made the decision to recall already shipped items and to delay shipping new ones for three months until the problem can be resolved, but only posted this news a week ago—a month after shipping began. While it has been responding to questions in the comments section of the campaign page Gitzo is issuing an email address for customers to use but from which people say they get no reply.

Things were going well with just a few commenters upset by damaged tripods but most being pleased with theirs, though since 7th June when Gitzo announced the three month delay things have turned a bit sour. In fairness, Gitzo’s update actually says the delay will be a ‘maximum’ of three months, but customers fear this means their products won’t arrive until the end of the summer. On the Gitzo website though, the Légende is marked as ‘coming soon.’