Last year Google launched Motion Still for iOS, an app that stabilizes the iPhone's Live Photos and makes them shareable as looping GIFs and videos. Now the software giant has made the app available for Android devices running version 5.1 and later of its own mobile OS.

The app works a little differently on Android to the iOS version. Instead of using an existing Live Photo, the Android version forces you to record video inside the app. Stabilization is then applied using a, compared to the iOS version, redesigned video processing pipeline that processes each frame of a video as it is being recorded. As consequence the results are instant and no waiting is required to share the created GIFs.

Fast Forward is a new feature and builds on the stabilization algorithm to capture longer clips and create stabilized time-lapses or hyperlapses. Playback speed is adjustable from 1x to 8x and GIF output can be created in three sizes.

Motion Stills for Android is now available on Google Play.