The first release candidate for Darktable 3.0 has been released for users to test. The new version represents a major upgrade for the software, which joins RawTherapee in being one of the best open-source applications for photographers.

Among many details that will mostly be of interest to developers, not casual users, the team behind Darktable notes that Darktable 3.0 features 'a full rework' of its user interface, making it possible to fully theme the software's GUI. Multiple themes will be included with Darktable 3.0, including the default Darktable theme alongside darker and lighter variants.

Another major change will be the addition of undo and redo support in lighttable for ratings, metadata, tags, color labels, and more. Beyond that, users can expect a new 'Culling' lighttable mode and new timeline view, 'drastically' improved performance and usability with 4K and 5K displays, plus support for reordering modules.

Darktable 3.0 likewise brings a new Histogram Profile, multiple changes to Denoise, a new 3D Lut transformations module, an update to the Picasa module that transitions it to Google Photos with support for the latest Google Photo API, a faster and generally improved tagging module, 'many' code optimizations for SSE and CPU paths, several new modules for things like 'RGB Curve' and 'RGB Levels,' plus there are a huge number of tweaks and small additions.

Users can also expect a large number of bug fixes to arrive with Darktable 3.0, which is currently available to download as a release candidate for Linux, macOS and Windows through Github.