Tesla has released an FPV drone video clip, almost 3 minutes in length, showcasing how its Model Y cars are manufactured in its new facility called ‘Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg.' Located in Berlin, Germany, and opened last week, the 4680 cell production building is projected to produce up to of 500,000 cars, and millions of battery cells, on an annual basis.

The video begins in the parking lot where the drone flies over hundreds of black stationary Model Y vehicles, plus a few driving down the road, before entering the factory. Once inside, the drone deftly maneuvers its way through giant stamping presses making the hoods, doors and other parts of the cars. What's impressive, besides the skills of the unnamed pilot, is the access a small FPV drone gets vs. that of a traditional camera crew.

The FPV drone was able to maneuver through hazardous areas to show how the cars were being manufactured and assembled.

The IDRA 6000 casting machine shows the front and rear single-piece underbody being made along with a few glimpses of giant robots holding them in place. The viewer also gets a tour through the factory’s paint shop, whips through a suite of offices, loops around engineers in an open meeting, and concludes by showcasing a 'high five' by two employees at the end. The model of the drone is also unknown and even though this wasn't a one-take video, the range is impressive.

The drone made its way into the factory's 'paint shop' flew through it unscathed.

The factory is the first in Europe to manufacture battery cells. 'To achieve the transition to sustainable energy, we must produce more affordable EVs and energy storage, while building factories faster and with far less investment,' said Tesla in a public statement. CEO Elon Musk was on site last week to celebrate its public grand opening and deliver 30 Model Y cars to owners.

This isn't the first time a drone has been used to showcase the vast expanse of a facility in great detail. Jay Byrd Christensen was the first to go viral with his single-take of a bowling alley while a promotional video for the National Football League (NFL) by Johnny FPV was produced earlier this year.

While the drone video showcases a fully functioning facility, Tesla says construction on the Gigafactory won't be complete until later in the year. Perhaps a sequel of this video will be created once finished. Tesla is using this FPV video, along with several posts on its official Instagram account to recruit new employees.