Google first introduced Google Lens with the Pixel 2 smartphone. The feature uses Artificial Intelligence to power its visual recognition algorithms and provide information about whatever your smartphone's camera is pointed at, and recently it was made available on iOS devices and integrated in the Google Photos app.

With Google Lens now available to a very large customer base many more users will be able to enjoy some new functions. The app is now capable of not just identifying the pet you are pointing the camera at, but also the exact breed – pretty impressive. This works for cats and dogs, and reportedly also some other kinds of animals. Some additional information about the breed is provided as well.

In addition, Google Photos can now automatically create a photo book starring your pet. Again, artificial intelligence is used to find the best pictures. If you look what you see and are based in the US or Canada, all you need to do is decide if you prefer a hardcover or softcover and hit the order button.

There is also a movie option which in a similar way as the photo book feature. In the Assistant tab in Google Photos you'll find a movie button. You'll then be able to choose the "Meow Movie" or "Doggie Movie" option and select your pet. The best photos of your pet are then compiled into a movie, accompanied by pet-themed music.