A new upgrade for AT&T users lets you take a selfie and a picture of your main subject for a picture-in-a-picture photo with your LG Optimus G Pro.

LG announced that new and existing AT&T LG Optimus G Pro owners are receiving an over-the-air update. The Value Pack provides a number of new tools, including a trio of options geared towards mobile photographers and videographers.

The new Smart Video feature, similar in concept to the eye sensor on digital cameras that automatically switches between LCD and viewfinder when a photographer brings the camera up to his or her eye,  now automatically pauses and resumes video recording with the phone by tracking the position of the user's eyes. Look away, and video capture is paused; look back to resume recording.

Also new for video is the ability to pause and re-start recording, which enables users to create a continuous video of different scenes.

With Dual Camera, in conjunction with the Dual Recording feature, you can photograph your main subject and a selfie at the same time, resulting in a picture-in-a-picture photo. 

Other updates include enhanced quick remote functions and new and improved communication/notification functions, including the ability to customize alerts. 

Video capture can also now be paused and resumed to create a continuous clip of different scenes.