CROZ, a small DIY camera that first appeared on Kickstarter in October 2016, is now available for purchase. This camera is shipped as a do-it-yourself kit that requires buyers to assemble the device. The resulting camera, once fully assembled, is quite small and features a clear case that makes the internal components visible. The CROZ camera was developed by Taiwanese company Paper Shoot and designed by Hyle Design.

CROZ is a digital camera, though it lacks a display for previewing and reviewing photos. The camera features a 5MP CMOS sensor, LARGAN Precision Lens, four photo filters (B&W, Color, Sepia, and Blue), a microUSB connection port, and 'automatic image algorithms.' The entire camera, including the two AAA batteries that power it, weighs 98g / 3.4oz and measures in at 12mm / 0.45in thick.

Photos are stored to an SD card (up to 32GB capacity supported). Users can swap out the lenses based on need, as well; the kit ships with a wide-angle lens and a fisheye lens. Paper Shoot, which is offering the kit for $3,899 NT / $129 USD / £100 GBP, explains, "CROZ is designed to be simple and straight forward - it is a digital camera, period."

Via: PetaPixel