Google Photos appears to be close to launching account switcher and drawing tools for its mobile app. App reverse engineer and Twitter user @wongmjane discovered the two new features in the app code and was able to turn then on manually.

There is no way of knowing when exactly they'll be rolled out to the general public but given they are in the code and apparently working, it's safe to assume this will happen in the nearer future.

Google has recently added the ability to easily switch accounts to some other of its Android apps, so it's not much of surprise to the same feature arrive at Google Photos. According to Jane Manchun Wong the function will support the same swipe gesture that we've already seen in the Gmail app, making switching between accounts extremely quick.

There'll also be a new drawing interface that will let you draw on images in seven different colors using a pen tool. You'll also be able to use a “highlighter” and insert text into your images. Overall this won't be a major update when it eventually arrives but both new features are certainly useful to have.