Elinchrom has introduced its new ELB 1200 portable lighting system for photographers, a model that builds upon the company’s existing ELB 400 system introduced in 2015. The new system features three new flash heads, the Action, Hi-Sync, and Pro, as well as a TSA-approved ‘Air’ lithium-ion battery capable of powering 215 full-power flashes and 80 minutes of continuous LED use. 

In addition to the TSA-approved ‘Air’ version of the battery, Elinchrom also has an ‘HD’ version with a higher capacity that can power 400 full-power flashes and 120 minutes of continuous light. The batteries are also capable of powering accessories via a 5v USB outlet, and they can both be switched into a ‘shipping mode’ for long distance travel.

The three aforementioned flash heads feature a daylight-balanced and dimmable LED CRI 92 lamp, which Elinchrom says is equivalent to a 250w Halogen lamp. The Hi-Sync flash head supports shutter speeds as fast as 1/8000s. The company expects the ELB 1200 to be available in the 'middle of 2017,' with pricing information being provided at a later date.

Check out Elinchrom's product video below to see the kit in action.