Tracking shots are difficult to pull off. Single takes, such as the nightclub entrance from the movie 'Goodfellas,' are legendary for a reason. Add in the skill set needed to maneuver an FPV drone through tight spaces, and it's that much easier to appreciate Jay Byrd Christensen's 'Right Up Our Alley' video.

The clip takes place at Bryant Lake Bowl & Theater in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Christensen, who runs Rally Studios, used a Cinewhoop drone to squeeze through tight areas and fly in close proximity to patrons in the complex. While DPReview's request for comment on which camera was used hasn't been returned yet, the following facts were confirmed in the comments section on Christensen's Instagram post.

  • Jay Byrd's first FPV flights began last June and he confesses to being 'absolutely terrible' for at least three months.
  • He didn't nail the take on the first try. A comment from his account estimates it took between 8-12 takes to get it right.
  • The sound was recorded separately and it was inspired by 'The Big Lebowski' film.
  • The drone was purposely flown into the pins and survived the impact.

It's difficult to not hold your breath the entire time as the Cinewhoop drone enters the bowling complex, travels effortlessly through each area, and even manages to give the viewer a behind-the-scenes look at the bowling pins in each lane being swept away and replaced. Rally Byrd Studios took a classic art form to new heights with this roughly 90-second video.