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GoPro launches QuikStories feature for automated story-telling

GoPro's Quik app for making short and shareable videos from your GoPro footage has been available for a while. Now the new QuikStories feature is taking things one step further by generating clips automatically and making them as easy as possible to share on social media and get them off your GoPro's memory card.

QuikStories is integrated into the latest version of the GoPro app. After a day of shooting video with your GoPro the app will search your camera for new clips and automatically create a shareable version, complete with edits and music. It'll also integrate brief moments from longer clips. You can still customize the final output manually though, and change the order of clips or the music. You can also add other media from your phone into the mix if you want to.

As you would expect, QuikStories integrates with most social networks you already have on your phone, but you can also export the finalized video to use it in any way you want. The video below gives you a pretty good idea of how the feature works.

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I see a hipster in the ad and I click away.

Jul 28, 2017

Isn't this an article for DPReview CONNECT?

Jul 27, 2017

Great app., have used it several times now on holiday. Titles and text can also be put in. Only complaint is that I can't find a way to transfer files from gopro camera directly to my phones micro sd card.

Jul 27, 2017