Chinese drone manufacturer ZeroTech has announced it will introduce a handheld action camera that features an in-built 3-axis stabilization gimbal. The Rollcap will shoot 4K video and 13MP stills while providing +/-0.03° of angular vibration compensation as well as gimbal movements to smooth video footage. The company says its built-in gimbal can tilt up to +/- 30°, can pan up to +/-40° and has a roll range of +/-85°.

The lens offers a 94° angle of view, so compares approximately to a 21mm on a full frame system. The camera features are controlled remotely via a smartphone app and recording can also be started and stopped at the camera. Features include slow motion video, high drive burst modes, time lapse, self-timer and HDR. A tripod thread allows the Rollcap to be mounted on a pole, helmet or accessory grip, and a single charge of the internal battery is said to be good for 110 minutes of 4K footage.

The device will be available later this year, and pricing will be between $500-600. For more information visit the ZeroTech website.