The Lumia Camera app for Windows Phone (previously Nokia Camera app) has always been one of our favorite default camera apps, thanks to its excellent interface design and full manual control long before the feature became available on iOS or Android. So far the app has had one downside though: it's exclusively available for Microsoft Lumia (previously Nokia Lumia) devices and cannot be installed on Windows Phone devices from other manufacturer, such as Samsung or HTC.

This is about to change though. Yesterday Microsoft unveiled its new Windows 10 operating system that will run on devices of all sizes, from smartphones to desktop computers, and use universal apps. Microsoft also announced that with the new Windows version, Lumia Camera will become the default camera app for all Windows devices, no matter the manufacturer.

The app includes the new Rich Capture feature that we first saw at the launch of the Lumia 830 and the "Denim" update and were quite impressed by. It is kind of a Super-Auto mode that in low-light and high-contrast situations takes a flash or HDR image in addition to a standard exposure. The two images are then merged and you can modify the blend factor, basically allowing you to control flash intensity and HDR strength after capture.

In addition to the new Photos app, Windows 10 will come with an "Auto-Enhance" feature, similar to what we have been seeing in Google+ photos. No precise availability date for Windows 10 has been given yet but we should expect it sometime later this year.

Via: Engadget