As if Sigma and Sony’s teasers weren’t enough today, DJI has also confirmed today that it will be announcing three new products over the next month. The product launches will take place one week apart from each another On October 20, October 27 and November 5.

The teaser, embedded below, features the phrase ‘Good things come in threes,’ shows off three icons, each of which hints at what will be announced on their respective release dates. The October 20 date shows off a red record button, similar to that found on DJI’s line of Ronin gimbals. The October 27 date highlights a proprietary eight-pin connector. And the November 5 date shows a battery indicator and display, similar to the ones DJI uses on the batteries of its Mavic 2 drone lineup.

It’s unclear from the teaser whether these events will be announced via livestream or press release, but between these three announcements, as well as Sigma and Sony’s reveals, this October and November are shaping up to be busy—and expensive—months going into the holiday season.